I am so glad I pressed play

holy shit



I want to hug her

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  • other country: wow we solved drug crimes by doing this and the problem is practically completely resolved
  • america: there is just no stopping the war on drugs........
  • other country: we have the most successful schools because we implement these rules to encourage real learning
  • america: no hope....... kids just cant cut it anymore........
  • other country: gun related crime is all but non existent thanks to our restrictions
  • america: wow..... if only there was some way to stop these shootings before they happened..............
  • other country: nothing bad has happened as a result of our equal marriage/bathroom laws for lgbt
  • america: if only there was a way.............................


In The Eyes by Andrea (sennenhallows)

Or the end result of what started as a study of eye shapes

wreckxy asked:

So, I've never been to a bar since I have no interest or reason to go, but now that my friends are turning 18 they want me to come with them. Man, I don't know anything about bars, what would I even drink there ? I'm assuming I could just ask for some Pepsi or something, but I'm guessing I'd get laughed at. Any tips for someone straightedge going to a bar ?


Stick your feet in at some licensed establishments to start

For example, pool halls. They can get drunk, you can shoot pool

Here in Toronto, Spin is a licensed ping pong club

and Snakes and Lattes is a licensed board game facility

Good times


stereotypes against white people are not dangerous at all. no one is out here stopping and frisking you guys for liking starbucks and chipotle. meanwhile, black teenagers suspected of being “thugs” and “threats” are slain on sight so please calm the fuck down and learn how to take a joke




I need feminism because my self worth is constantly defined by the type of clothes I wear.

stop dressing like a slut and you won’t be treated like one

And thats why we need feminism, join us next week to read about how that guy is single


If someone proposed to me onstage at an avenged concert id just look at Matt and be like “this is your last chance, man”


"u dont need makeup to be pretty just be urself!!!"

ok but consider this

  • i fucking love eyeliner



pros: cons

cons: pros


in french we don’t say “i love you”, we say “vous recevez une heure supplémentaire dans la piscine à balles” which roughly translates to “you are my sun, my stars, my everything” and i think that’s beautiful

"You have received an extra hour in the pool of balls" 

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thanks, pete.


heteronormativity for dummies or, “why homophobes aren’t the only problem”


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